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first pics of jsrc and some after installation headaches.

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Good God, how are you supposed to do any type of maintenance on the car now? Wow, I would be really worried having everything stuffed in there like that.

That PS pump line is totally ghetto. Same with the alternator wiring.

Did he have to bend the brake lines out of the way of the SC pulley?

Also, is there any reason why the intake isn't hooked up in one of the pictures?

The manifold clearance just seems too tight for all of the tubing. Hope you never have to do any work on the injectors.....

That install is much tighter than the pics I have of the JR install at SEMA. I am glad that I am staying NA.

Nice pics, by the way.

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Yeah those brake lines being SO close to the pulley would worry me.....I'm guessing he's already bent them to gain clearance though?

Not promising.

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Looks good and I want one, but I agree with Billy. That is very tightly crammed in there.

i'd love to ride in a JRSC-equipped car but i'll stay NA myself...

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goodness gracious!!!!
i thought the engine bay was packed enough....
it's very cramped and it looks very cluttered back there.......don't worry though! i bet some shmoe will get colored vacuum lines, paint the sc, and we'll all say its pretty, hahaha...

yea i don't know about the closeness of parts to other parts..scary..

yikes...tight fit.
That looks like the biggest PITA I've ever seen. I think I'd rather tear down my engine and build it up full NA then have to worry about that nightmare.


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see it
eh...tight fit...

but thats what she told me

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funny, your mom said the same thing :p j/k

"Does my car have v-tech? If so how do i turn it on?" ... righhhttt
Yes..that brake line does look scary.. how about just getting it out of the way and cutting off..hahahaha..



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we want dyno charts!

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eesh...too crammed....and add me to the list of peeps who wanna see the dyno
So have you driven it yet???

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you're all a bunch of babies
SPEED doesn't need to look least they got the damned thing out.......
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Interesting. If that's tight now, I wonder how they'll fit it for the SH version...

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