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too much jdm stuff
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I don't know if anyone else was interested, but I came across the east coast NGK distributor, and got my wires. Their name was Olympic Imported Parts, , they had great service, so if anyone was looking for the blue NGK wires, they have them. I'm sure I could've gone around and found some place that had them a few dollars cheaper, but I paid 60, and I just wanted to get them, soon.

I got


95 VTEC Prelude - RS*R, powerslots, Axxis metal masters, Toyo FZ4s, **type-S intake (thanks Andy!!)** 15.040 @ 92.85

95 VTEC Del Sol - AEM, Bullfrog TB, N2 header, Greddy SP, Powerstop Xdrilled, Z3 fenders
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