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Fast car..damn..

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Check out this link..thought?


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i'd still pick a corvette or a ferrari over it though

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eeeh, ive seen faster. nicer looking too.
I take it is't an electric/gas hybrid. I'm not that suprised that it's so fast since electric motors make the most torque when they are stalled (i.e. zero rotational speed). I've heard that there are lots of fast electric cars, it's just keeping the batteries juiced that is hard.


97 Prelude
see it
It's all electric. Saw a link to this on Slashdot a week or 2 ago. Like all electric cars the problem is range. Cool to see that they can actually perform though. I think that is one reason why people don't like electric cars - they think they're slower than regular cars.

looks like the electric car i built in highschool!

okay.. it looks nothing like it .. but still, i'm proud of that electric car i made!
ever driven an electric golf cart...the have massive amount of off line go!
I have one of those!! Golf cart!! I can do doughnntus all day, in teh grass, if its wet.
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