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I just purchased a JDM F20B motor. I did a compression test on it by putting power to the starter and locking the throttle body open full WOT. I pulled all the plugs out. This was a dry test, I did not pour oil into the spark plug holes

These are the values

Cyl 1 180
Cyl 2 200
Cyl 3 180
Cyl 4 245

I then performed a leak down test I fed 75psi into the spark plug hole

Cyl 1 leaked 20 PSI so 75 PSI in and 55 PSI out

Cyl 4 leaked 1 PSI so 75 PSI in and 74 PSI out

I called the importer shop that sent me the engine and they said that the motor was sitting for over 5 months and these numbers are normal untill I get the motor running. They said once I run it and check it again they will come out alot better.

The throttle plate was stuck shut from fuel/carbon deposits on the back side of it, and the plugs smelled like the car was running rich before, so could this explain that the rings were "stuck" from sitting so long in the deposits?

Anyone have this experience with a used engine that has been sitting around for some time? I want to beleive them, but it just doesn't seem rignt
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