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anyboyd know any place online i can buy exhaus for a good price? somebody some one knows, i can get tanabe gpower and dc sports for my 4th gen for 500 bux from a local store, can any one beat this price?
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You can get Thermal R&D shipped from for under $475.00.
There is a group buy going on right now for APEX'i exhausts too.

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More when I can afford it!!
$480 for DC cat-back, that's from I've used them before and they are very competitive with their prices and their service was excellent.
For instance, I ordered stuff from them online (never actually spoke to them), then 9 days later my goods the UK.
Try them, they are in California too.

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mmr charges 50 bucks for ****in shippping!!!!!!
autodynamic rips u off too, jack u on shipping AND tax, i can get the dc from a local store for 500 thats it, with autodynamic my total is 568, and the dcsports weight 90 lbs???? wtf???? thats heavy as hell exhaust system
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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