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well this was a ****ty day john was having a hard time with some other issues and was not having a good day and i could understand why but i am scheduled to go back soon for the finish up mind you this is about 50% tuned AF ratios and no ignition tuning (which may be the reason for my boost creep HIGH EGTS) and no cam timing tuning so there is definately alot more power to be made also mind you this run was to 6500 rpms and we aborted because of boost creep we actually made 213 when the af was smoothed out a bit more but still at 6500 rpms with bad boost creep up to 9 psi and no detonation because of the severely retarded timing.

anyways lets analyze this and tell me some suggestions on what you think my VTEC points should be and maybe where to start on the cam timing adjustments for peak HP

Also if anyone can host this pic for me my account is going to run out very soon it would be very appreciated


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oh and i guess it is tinme to post my final setup also

stock bottom end h22a4
cometic .057 hp HG
skunk 2 cam gears
turbonetics t3.63 AR stage 3 wheel / t04e 54 trim .50 AR
drag gen 4 manifold
custom catless 2.5 dp
mugen 60 mm catback
hondata s200b with 3 step rev limiter w/ p72 ECU
DSM 450s
action 2KS clutch
fidanza flywheel
greddy oil catch can
modified JR oil cooler
drag gen 2 IC and piping
AVCR boost controller
greddy EGT and Boost guages
J&S safeguard classic
bkr7e plugs
stock OEM honda ignition system NEW
custom CAI for turbo inlet

i could go on forever but you get the idea

suggestions are greatly appreiated
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