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Driving around with ACT + Fidanza

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Just got back from IMP-Auto where I had the extreme kit with the street disc installed with the Fidanza flywheel. The amount of pressure for clutch engagement has increased dramatically (expected). I didn't know however, the engagement would occur almost immediately. Don't get me wrong, it's totally streetable (smooth engagement) but the engagement happens within 2 inches. I actually stalled starting off.

As to the performance of the clutch or the flywheel, I can't say yet. I have to be gently for about 500 miles. Except for the pedal feel, it's like stock. I can't wait until I can get on it.
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keep us updated, im waiting on the flywheel and clutch kit for our se-r....the thing revs fast and hard now, just imagine with the flywheel!

don't touch me . . .

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