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This is mine... I like most of the stuffs on the kits except the wastegate and the Vortech FMU.

2000 Prelude SS
Drag Gen III Turbo
Custom Daul Exhaust
VIS Body Kit
Custom Body Works
Kameleon Kolor paint job
Apexi Boost Controller
AutoMeter (air, fuel, boost gauges)
Greedy Blow Off Valve
Greedy Turbo Timer
Missing Link Map Bypass Valve
Spearco water injection system
More is coming
Tein HA
yokohama AVS model 6
Unorthdox Pulley
Spoon Front & Rear Strut Bar
Spoon Lower Tie Bar

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dptkfil.... that's a beauty u got there. it looks awesome. does your a/c work with the turbo setup?

i didn't want to go with the jrsc b/c i've read so many problems with it and for the same amount of money... i rather get a turbo.

i am about to buy a used turbo from a guy on the guy used it for a month and decided to sell it. he seems like a nice guy when i spoke to him and the kit is in good condition. TURBO KIT includes the following: T3/T04E Turbonetics turbo, HKS wastegate w/extra five pound spring,all necessary piping, spearco intercooler, Rev Hard stainless steal manifold, Two Greddy gauges, Auto Meter air fuel ratio gauge, Greddy Profec A digital boost control, Apexi
VAFC fuel controller, and a Greddy Turbo timer. all for $3500. is this a good deal?

dptkfil, what kind of power are u getting out of that and are there any problems with going turbo.

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what is the size of the turbo that came with you drag 3?

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Where did you get the Drag gen3 turbo for Prelude? I read on so many posts that Drag dosen't make gen3 turbo kit for Preludes..... I think I've asked this question before, and Purelude told me that there isn't one for lude yet...

I might be wrong, and you might be right...but can you post the links where you bought it from?
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