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I've been looking for one for literally, years.

The only model that comes close for the 5th gen is the HPI body shell, which I have 2 and starting to build slowly. (I even found a set of mini-Volk TE-37's to match my car!
) Fujimi makes a few 4th gen kits, and surprisingly, even made a "S" version after the 5th gen real car came out. Tamiya made a 2nd gen many many years ago...

I even wrote an email begging Tamiya to make a kit for the 5th gen but to no avail...

The ideal would be if AutoArt would to make a 1/18 5th Gen!!!!! That would be awesome. They make the best 1/18's.

OT: Have u seen the AutoArt 1/12 Mercedes CLK-GTR?? That is GORGEOUS!!! cad$300 at a local store...

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