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This past weekend I was able to get a good wash in on my car. The two products I will be reviewing are Dodo Juice Sour Power Shampoo & Griots Garage. (Also a mini review on the AG Sheepskin Mitt & LC Wool Wheel Mitt) This is my first review, so if you have any comments to make it better please let me know. I like pictures so I take a lot. :)

Dodo Juice Sour Power Shampoo (
Dodo Juice Shampoo, Dodo Juice car wash, sour power gloss enhancing shampoo)
I have always wanted to try a Dodo Juice product. Luckily AGO had the Sour Power Shampoo BOGO last week so I got some.

Thick plastic see through bottle. Easy to use push top to dispense product. Label is multiple shades of green, making it somewhat hard to read.

Product: Green. It does have a green apple scent that is very pleasing. Nothing too strong. The texture is a medium syrup. I would almost say a perfect consistency.

Subject car... My 2001 Honda Prelude.

I mixed 1oz with 3.5 gallons of water.

Not many suds. I am a suds guy so this was some what of a disappointment. Even agitating with the hose did little. (picture before agitating)

Again, this wash will also be including my first time ever use of the AGO Sheepskin Mitt (Sheepskin Wash Mitt)

Before wash: Side skirt

Before wash: Rear panel

Before wash: Trunk area

Sadly I had run out of good sunlight by the time I had finished. So the lighting is different but you can still see the outcome!

After wash: Side skirt

Before & After: Side skirt

After wash: Rear panel

Before & After: Rear panel

After wash: Trunk area

Before & After: Trunk Area

Reflection in the door... not too bad!

Smells great. Pours easily. Cleans great. It does leave a nice "wax" look afterwards.

Price. Mid-level lubricity. minimal amount of suds (might not be a con)

Final thought: I really enjoyed the smell and the outcome looked great. Yet the mid-level lubricity and not many suds are a let down. Not sure if I would purchase again however....

A scale of 1-10 ........ I would give it a 8.0

AG Sheepskin Mitt

Final thought (review) on the AG Sheepskin Mitt... It holds a ton of water/soap. It has a nice slot for your hand to go in and it feels comfortable while washing. The only downside I could see is the price. $19.99.
A scale of 1-10 ........ I would give it a 8.5

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Griots Garage Wheel Cleaner (with optional foam sprayer) & LC Wool Wheel Mitt

Griot's Garage Wheel Cleaner (Griot's Garage Wheel Cleaner, Griots Garage Wheel Cleaner, wheel cleaning)

I had also been looking at Griot's Garage stuff for awhile, before I really knew there were better products out there. Yet I have read that the wheel cleaner is really good. So also on my last purchase I got a bottle along with the foam sprayer.

Packaging: Thick plastic see through bottle. Nice, classic looking label, easy to read.

Product: Dark Green. It does have a sweet/candy scent. I found it to be very pleasant. Consistency is just slightly thicker than water.

Dirty Wheels....

Griot's Garage Wheel Cleaner breaking up the break dust/road grime.

LC Wool Wheel Mitt floating on top of my rinse bucket...

All cleaned up!

Before & After: BIG difference!

A different angle

Before & After

Pros: Smells Great, Good Price, Works Great!

Cons: None

Final thought: Fantastic! Works just as I had hoped and left the wheels looking great. The foam sprayer works great to apply the product perfectly. I would purchase again.

A scale of 1-10 ........ I would give it a 8.5

OC Wool Wheel Mitt

Final thought (review) on the OC Wool Wheel Mitt... It cleans the wheels well. Allows you to put your four fingers inside it to easily move around the wheels. Two downsides: 1) The "fibers" came off while resting in my rinse bucket (might be a new thing). 2) The mitt left my fingers black. Yes, it stained my fingers black. It was pretty easy to wash off but I found this strange. Again, hopefully this is just a one time thing...

A scale of 1-10 ........ I would give it a

There are better ways of cleaning your wheels..

All done! :)


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Nice write up. I like these kinds of write ups to see what other people are using.

With the shampoo that you used, I have two comments:

1. Did you try to fill it up with hot water or just water from a hose? I fill my 3 gallon buckets up in the sink in my kitchen and in the last 1/3 of the water I put in there, I use the little spray nozzle thing that most sinks have to really agitate the suds.

2. Shampoo might be intended to use with a foam cannon that you can attach to a power washer. You might not get enough foam from a shampoo as you would from a regular "car wash" if you're just using a bucket and mitt.

Another question: why did you pick up a wool washing pad instead of something microfiber? I actually would think a wool washing mitt would encourage more swirl marks than microfiber (yes, I know it's wet and has suds on it)

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Just hose water. I know about all the products being used for a foam gun and stuff but the Dodo wash could but used in a bucket or foam gun. I did use my hose (spray) a little after putting the wash into the bucket, to create a little more suds but nothing really came from it. I enjoy suds while washing so this wash didn't really "work" for me.

The mitt came in a package deal. As you can see from the review I was not very pleased with it. About it being made of fool... it's a slight/fine wool?

I plan on doing a lot more as I have just become really into detailing these past few weeks.
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