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Picture library to follow the story.
Sadly learned a rough lesson here. To Aeroworks disclaimer which states it does require professional installation.

However, nobody in my town will install this, I phoned 12 body shops and nobody wanted a part of it.
After trying to fit it to the car ourselves, I now see why. This inexpensive kit IS NOT worth the money.

You can see by the pictures that it may contour the body correctly but it's fitment is absolutely horrible. The front lip was the only thing that fit right and I had to make some custom brackets for it.

There is no way to make the side skirts or rear lip fit right.

We actually bought a replacement rear lip from ebay and you can see in the pics how nice it fits. You can see the build difference in the kits just by the pictures.

Aeroworks, won't offer any partial refund or communicate with me. Tried to escalate to paypal and they said because I had "modified" it that they wouldn't offer a refund. They claimed I painted it which is not true, took it out of the box and it was that colour.

However, I will claim that I did try sanding parts of the rear lip to get it to fit better. That's the only thing I did. Paypal, stood behind their vendor and claimed the modifying thing and won't help.

Credit card company won't help me out either.

Anyways, thought I'd post this here for others to beware so that they know what they are getting into. Shop around and bypass these clowns.
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