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Last Saturday of each month:

"Cars & Coffe" at the Classic BMW dealership off the Dallas Tollway, in North Plano, at Spring Valley. LOTS of nice rides show up!

I know it's early for this post (I'll "bump" it later in the month), but I didn't see anything about it & wondered if anyone knew it was going on or had heard about it yet.

I went to it the last 2 months...over 400 (430 actually) cars showed up each time! You name it, it was there...

Ferrari (10-15 cars), Lamborghini (6-8) , Nissan GTR (7-8 of these) , Corvette (too many to count), BMW (even an '80's M1!), Porsche (as many plus a few as you see on the tollway each morning), Viper (half a dozen), Cobra (12-20?), and a few Camaros & Mustangs....even a few NSXs & one Prelude!

Here's some pics & info from another site:

It runs from 8a-12n, but some cars started leaving around 11:15-11:30a as the sun started heating things up that day.

Totally free to come out & show off or just walk around. No awards or judging, just 400+ cars & owners kicking some tires for a few hours...

Anyone got open plans for Halloween morning later this month?

It might be nice to see some 'ludes out there...
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