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So I had to order some new parts for the lude and found a listing on Ebay from Penske Automotive Group in Fayetteville, AR. I feel I got a decent deal, especially being from a dealer so I wanted to pass on the information. I contacted the parts manager, Drew Cummings, and he quickly responded back to all my emails answering any questions I had. Here is a list of parts and the prices I paid...maybe it's close to normal prices but with my limited research they seemed pretty fair for honda parts. Just in case anyone wants to hit him up his email is [email protected].

First order:
2 15400-PLM-A01 Oil Filters and washers 5.34 each
1 17130-pk1-003 pcv 13.03
1 15825-p13-005 vtec filter/gasket 12.71
1 36172-p08-005 vtec sol. Gasket 7.33
2 44018-s84-c02 cv-boots with grease clamps and axle nuts 21.04
1 91316-pe9-730 oil filter base o-ring 1.81
1 91319-pr3-003 vtec sensor o-ring 1.63
4 12342-pt2-000 spark plug seals 1.93 each
1 12341-p13-000 valve gasket 9.67
1 Honda Bond - 9.00

Total 126.51 shipped to my APO address.

Second order:

2 cam seals 4.72 each
1 t-belt kit with an adjuster 99.69
1 oil pump seal 4.74
1 crank seal 5.71
1 water pump 60.38
1 PS belt 11.794
4 NGK plugs PZFR6F-11 - 12.37 each.

After shipping to my overseas APO address it came to $251 total.

If this is against any rules let me know and it can be edited or deleted. I just wanted to pass on what I thought was a pretty good least it is was for me here in Italy.
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