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Dealers thought on the shock knock.

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Since i'm on spring break this week, i decided to go and fix the shock-knock at the local dealership. I have eibach springs and kyb-agx shocks. The calls me and tells me after removing and and replacing the shock assembly that its a faulty shock and i need a new one, and i have to pay 40 freaking bucks to put it in. I asked him how come he called me after putting it back in, and he said some b.s. He said that if the problem doesn't go away, he refund me the 40 bucks since its not warranty work. I need all your opinions wether to pay the 40 bucks or do the washer thing and do it my self. please help!
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decent price, 40 bucks for one freaking knocking shock. But what should i have them do it or let it be. The shop where i bought the shock at is giving me a new shock with no hassles.
If the shop is giving you a new shock for nothing, just do it yourself. 40 bucks just to put a shock in is kinda high.
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