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I am going to Ennis tonight and was wondering if any of you are planning on going or would like to go. Email me at [email protected] I have a couple of buddies from the Subaru club going as well.
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im not, but my friend is going in a black 95 gsr with 2000 wheels b18c block b16 head with type-rmanifold, should be running low 14s high 13s full interior....
I'll be there, im not taking my car coz its for sale but ill be there with my bro and some friends.
look out for the following: green 200SX SER, silver Grand Prix GTP, black 5th gen prelude, Silver Gti VR6
OK. I will be in my Crystal Blue 1999 and a buddy of mine has a 2.5 RS that is white. Has a big spoiler and gunment rims. You can't miss it.
cool meeting you. That sux you couldnt hook up right. The last run I saw you do was like a 15.31 then we left cause the lines were getting too long. My buddy with the GTP was happy he hit a 14.77 with just a K&N drop in filter.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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