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Correct idle speed

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Just wondering if any of you guys know what the correct idle speed is, cause my seems to be quite low for some reason. Or maybe its just me, mine is at about 700-800rpms. BTW I have a 5th gen Lude 5spd.
Also how do I go about adjusting the idle.
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warmed up it's about 700...that's the reading i'm getting from my v-afc, which is closer to the real value than your tach.
700 is fine.....there's a screw on the throttle body that you turn to adjust the idle.
mine was actually more like 850 or so, then when i took it in for it's 15,000 mile checkup (a bit early) it came back at 700 exactly. i guess they check that little screw.
I messed with my idle this past weekend. 700 is good. Mine was running a little slower than that and I got a strange vibration. So I kicked it up about a 1/2 turn of the screw. Feels better now, but I may back it off 1/4 turn. BTW, counter-clockwise seems to be the way to increase it.

The Helms manual gives a detailed way to "properly" adjust it. I just went by the vibration.

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