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Compare your potholes with ours.

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I know it's kinda off-topic but this is how are the streets around Montreal...
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In LA, it only looks that bad after an earthquake.
Holy shit, those are some bad roads.

Glad ours don't look that bad. My 18" wheels would not be round anymore.
Naw man, Edmonton owns you Frenchies
I think Winnipeg is even worse than E-town.

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i think new york city has by far the worst
That has nothing on Nyc roads!! They even have a law saying we cant sue the city between november through march cuz its so bad!!!!
Go to kingston Jamaica. Peeps drive Skylines, EVOs, Etc. through those potholes.
Hmm... these potholes look almost identical to the ones in Philly.
drive by any school/community centre in vancouver (that's not on a main street) and you'll see roads 10x worse. they don't like to fix up those roads so that it makes you slow down.

hell, the park beside my house has had potholes that were about ... <taking out ruler> about 20cm's deep! and i have to take that damn road every day!
hmm, ust saw the big kahuna -- that's about what the park beside my house looks like -- 'cept it's the WHOLE stretch from intersection to intersection.

and we don't even have snowplows diggin up our roads!
Ya forgot about Boston now.. we got billion nice once lying around.. thank god our mayor is force to patch potholes by the year 2002. What they do is PATCH the pothole and they dont even flatten it down to even up so when snow come the plower just push it up again. Dumbass Mayor.
Guys those roads are joke compared to Philadelphia. Hell my development hasn't paved my street still and its been built for over two years--there are potholes that inches deep and water drains that actually stick UP ten inches easy.
NYC was that bad...
but now they're digging up everything to repave (sp?), so now i have to search for alternate routes. argh..

my goodness!! was anyone else caught in that damn blizzard today is queens??? when i got back to brooklyn, the sun was out and the roads were dry. it almost felt like i traveled in time. hahhahahah
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All I got to say is sweet Jesus. Daymn I thought No.Cali was pretty bad.

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you think that looks bad.. now imagine those potholes covered in rain.. and they look like they aren't there.. then u fall in it doing 60km/h.. OUCH F*CK !!!!!!!! yup.. u guessed it.. happened to me before.

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All I got to say is here in North Ohio, Cleveland, it was sunny and 50 deg. on Sat.. then on Sun we got 8 inches of snow in about 2-3 hours and another couple last night. Well before Sat there was snow that melted. What happens is the water seeps into the cracks in the road and when it freezes again look out! It blows the pavment apart! I hate living in the snow belt! The streets around here look like a test track for beating up suspensions.
Alright, let's face it! We're all basically getting sick of winter! Right? Any place that's in the northern part of the U.S. and Canada has to deal with freezing temperatures, which in turn, creates the pot holes from the moisture under the asphalt. This winter sucks, and I think we're all looking forward to some nice weather in which we can baby our cars.

We're almost there!
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THATS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!

sorry the potholes around here arent even close to that, thats awful looking. My car would break in half.
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