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Okay something weird happened today. I installed an Apexi WS exhaust on my car about one month ago. Since then I have put on about 500 miles with the system, and absolutely no problems to this point. Today I start my car just as I normally would and the check engine light goes on. I did the diagnostic code thing from info on this website and also reset the light. The code was a 61 which indicates a hot primary O2 sensor or a problem with the exhaust system. I just got home from a night of pretty hard driving and all is cool. No light is on. I was just wondering if anyone has had this happen with a cat-back before and should I be worried that I may be overlooking something major?

THanks, MPK

PS: Sorry for the shameless plug, but the Apexi WS is a kick ass system. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED to anyone looking for a cat-back, quiet when cruising but ballsy at WOT, got lots of compliments so far.
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