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Car Problems. Need help on checking code..pls

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Hey guys. Today after washing my car, i decided to go to subway. While i was driving, i VTEC'd it. The thermostat showed that the car was almsot all the way warmed up so i figured why not. Well i hit VTEC and took some sharp tunrs, next thing i know i have a CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. WHen i put the clutch in, the rpms just drop and the car dies. I drifted to a safe spot, and stopeed. I restarted the car and it jsut idles low and sputtery at like 500ish RPMs. It sputters and the RPMs jump a little. Luckily i wasnt far from home so i just drove about 20 to home. My question is how do i get the code from my ECU?? Is the little thing that i need to mess with down in the passenger footwell?? On the left hand side. If someone could please tell me how to check it i wouild really appreciate it. This is kinda weird for the car to just do this. Im very very worried.



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Go to

There it will tell you how to check the CEL and the CODES you will get!!!!
Thanks guys. Im gonna go see about getting the codes now. WIll any wire work?? Paperclip actually works?? Ill find out!
Paperclip works wonders.
Detection Item: Manifold Absolute Pressure SIgnal
* High/Low SIgnal
Probable Cause: Open/SHort in MAP sensor circuit
Map Sensor

Bad map sensor?
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Orginally posted by 2kLuder:
Bad map sensor?</font>
I hope it is for your sake. It would be a lot cheaper than a new ECM/ECU.
Anyone happen to knwo how much a new MAP sensor is?? Should i have my car flatbedded to HONDA or a localshop tommorow?? Prolly Honda
New MAP sensor= $43.00
I wonder what would cause this to happen. IM gonna take my car to HONDA, it'll sit there for a couple days while they get a new MAP sensor.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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