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Can the EGR affect engine performance??

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My engine's been lagging/hesitating. I've replaced the plugs, no help. I haven't replaced the wires or cap/rotor yet, but I've visually inspected the wires and they looked fine. My fuel filter was replaced very recently. I'm going to do my valve adjustment soon.

I'm just wondering, can the EGR affect the engine preformance? I've had the MIL flashing a code 12 before, but I've never really done anything because it always went away. The engine RANDOMLY lags. At one stop light it would accel. just fine then at another stoplight, it would lag like crazy, even if I floor it, it just won't go anywhere. The only logical explanation I've come up with is the EGR, maybe sometimes it gets stuck then it becomes loose again. I'm thinking if it's the spark or fuel, the engine would ALWAYS lag/hesitate.

Anyway, does anyone know if the EGR can cause my engine to lag? Thanks
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