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$$$$$$ Camber kit $$$$$$

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they have a group buy on progress front camber kit for 170. It is a worth it? or should i just get ingalls. also. i have a questoin about the camber kit.. do i get an alignment, then install the camber kit. or instal the camber kit, and then do the alignment? also. anyone in the bay area wanna help me install it? i'll pay u.
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Put the kit in then get the alignment that way you won't have to pay for it 2 times. Cause after you put it in the shop is going to adjust the camber kit anyways. So just install it try to adjust the camber your self as close as you can get it then go to an alignment shop tell em you have camber kits in it and they'll do the rest. If you really need help to do I'll help you put it in.. you can really do it your self its not hard.
yeh put the camber kit in before you do an alignment. I have progress kit in front and ingalls in back and they work great together. After I put in the kits, my caster and toe was way off also. But the shop took care of everything. They're really easy to install. If you can install springs/shocks then you can do camber kits.

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If you want the progress camber kit, I'll sell you my BRAND NEW one for $125. I opened the box but later decided not to use it. I can post pics or whatever you like.
baked.. i will take it. i'm going to email right now
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