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I'm assessing alternatives in the bookshelf territory. I had recently chosen Philharmonic aa screens yet delivering on them has been deferred and no clue about when they'll show up. I'm simply assessing my alternatives again and attempting to choose if I need to go with something different or simply stand by out the Phils.

I had already simply needed to spend about $200 on speakers however could up my financial plan to about $500 now. I don't know the amount of an improvement it would truly be to spend all the more yet expecting to extend the choices a piece.

In any case, anticipating a 2.0 arrangement as of now. These bookshelf speakers will be 100% for music and awesome music at that. I'm utilizing a Marantz MCR611 collector.

What pulled in me to the Phils was only that they sound like a reasonable speaker that can do really well without a sub and clearly the pleasant cost. I for the most part favor a nonpartisan to hotter kind sound.

Not certain on the off chance that I'll continue through to the end with the phils however attempting to simply make what my subsequent decision would be if things haul out excessively long. I do feel like the Phils are presumably a strong decision for my arrangement.

Have eyes on things like the KEF 100's, Wharfedale 10.1, 10.2, 225 ,11.1's. I make some intense memories figuring out those Wharfedale contributions. Or on the other hand possibly the new Elac Debut 2.0...

Simply searching for certain contemplations as I truly need some new speakers. I'm as of now utilizing an old, old pair of Panasonic miniature framework speakers that are really horrible haha.
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