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Bike Rack 4 5th Generation Lude

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Any of you luders out there mountain bikers or roadies? If so what kind of rack did you go with? Thule, Yakima? I've been considering the Thule but I am looking for Feedback.

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I had a Thule with the wind deflector on my Corrado. Very solid (bikes were not shaking in the wind) but it made small scratches on paint on the roof where the arms & deflector were. I don't know if the yakimas does this too...

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thanks for the feedback. i was thinking about getting some of that clear 3m paint protectant sheets and put that down where the feet go.
The Prelude's not a very good car to put a roof rack on. The short door frame means that we have a 13" span for the feet to attach. That means they can't hold very heavy loads and you have to spend extra on extender feet to make it more stable and sturdy. I have a Yakima on my Accord and its been very nice in the 8 months I've had it. The other issue is, don't you get the interior dirty after biking? I hated getting into my Prelude after biking.

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