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I think this was probably one of the most difficult things for me to do when I first bought my Prelude as I had no prior car knowledge other than how to change a tire and my oil. I spent hours scouring the internet, sifting through ancient forum post and youtube videos until I discovered a car parts site that made it easier for me.

One of my go too sites when I don't know what a part is right now is Genuine OEM Honda Parts and Accessories Online - Honda Parts Now and I know what many people are probably thinking..."is this site legit?" Well rule number one when it comes to buying products off the internet is to always do some research on the site. A simple web search such as "hondapartsnow review" should clear up any doubts.

If you know the general area of the car that the part is located you can find it.

For example: I need a new cam cover but I don't know the official name or part number. So I would search for a part related to the general location and it will give me a diagram like the one in the image below. I need number 1 so I would click it and purchase from there. (I always take the part number and shop the web for a lower price. Sometimes you might find a lower price but shipping is taxing so just keep that in mind.)

Font Auto part Circle Diagram Illustration

*Notice the dotted squares around the numbers. Those are the parts that are available on the site.

From here I can see the part that matches what I am looking for and I will either click the number or scroll through the page to find it's part number.

Let's take part number 27 for example it does not have a dotted square around it so I will scroll down and search for it's part number.

Product Rectangle Font Screenshot Parallel

The part is Currently Unavailable. So what I usually do is just take the part number and search the web for it. Remember. Honda is Acura and Acura is Honda. For the most part the parts are interchangeable. So I would go to an Acura parts site a search by the parts number.
Product Organism Font Parallel Technology

As you can see the part is available and for the same price.This can work for discontinued parts as well but the part can be discontinued across the board.

Remember each site has a different price and each site has a different shipping price. I always search multiple at a time on my computer to make sure I'm getting the best price. I hopes this helps anyone looking for oem parts.


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