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ok guys as you might know one of our brad aka (AKumaR6) was in a bad motocycle accident and had to have his left arm removed and is still in the hospital as we speek well we are going to have a bar b q meet on saturday september 6
you will be picking up plates at my house at
207 s.san gabriel
you can pick up plates after 1:00pm
plates will be 5.00$ each and will have have
chicken,sausage,rice,2 slices of bread and potato salad
there will also be sodas for sale to
donation are also welcome please send donations to pay pal [email protected]
anyone who wants to help out with geting food please post what you can help with
all the money will be given to brads familly to help with brads medical bills and etc we all wish him a fast recovery for more info fill free to call me at (210) 269-9317 (jesus)
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