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This is a thread about the businesses that are the worst on the web. It is intended as a reference for part buyers to stay away from these places. In order to make it onto this list, the company must do one of several things:
1. Have committed verifiable fraud
2. Deliver poor quality goods, consistently
3. Been found guilty of illegal actions (either by the owners or the business itself)

This list is not compiled lightly. Efforts are made to ensure that business don't get put on this list by accident; in most cases there will be large groups of customers affected by the bad business. Users here are encouraged to post candidates in this thread here. However, we will only add vendors to the list if there are verifiable reports of problems across many different users (not just one).

This list is also geared toward companies selling one or more parts specifically for Hondas. Many of these companies make parts for many cars. The threads being linked may not be on Honda-related sites, but are provided as best references for documentation on any accusations shown above.

With formalities out of the way, here is the list, in alphabetical order:

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