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I am preparing to revive my 1991 Prelude Si. When I purchased the car it ran fine with a little over 160,000 on the odometer. Oil consumption was on the moderate high side but no smoke. As I have researched this engine I learned about the FRM sleeves that are very hard and cause excessive wear on the rings. So with wanting to bring this engine back to peak performance with a thorough rebuild I am wondering if there are high performance/racing rings available that will help with the wear issue inflicted by the FRM sleeves. Please know I am not looking to make an extreme race car, turbo or daily driver. I just want a cool vintage car to cruise around on the weekends with. So even if I go with stock rings I would expect to get many, many years of use. I know there are still some options to get away from what many have considered a bad engine by Honda. However the more I research the more I realize these engine swap are becoming rarer by the day and quit frankly more than what I want to sink my teeth in. I don't have issue with keeping my prelude in as close to stock condition. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Also if this type of topic has already been discussed I struggled to find it here so any link would also be appreciated.
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