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Good evening,

So I have had a wild thought run through my mind recently and that’s an AWD J series 4th gen prelude. As wild as the idea seems, I really don’t think it will take all too much custom fab to do.

I’ll start off by saying the J series engines aren’t really hard to find especially in my local area, but from there on, things will get a bit more pricey. S1built has an AWD conversation kit for $4500~ dollars that uses the B series AWD transmission and transfer case out of a cr-v, but I’m unsure on a J series engine to b series trans. I feel like that would need a custom plate to smoothly connect the two, meaning $$$. As far as getting the engine in the car, and getting the awd in the car, BOTH have been documented and are doable…. It’s just connecting the two halves together.

I really feel like a Prelude with a v6 would be spectacular, and I REALLY feel like an AWD prelude is a massive step forward from the fwd layout. I know I’ll get flamed because “it’ll cost more than it’s worth” but I wouldn’t be posting on here if I didn’t get past that part. I’d need some of you really smart and experienced guys to shoot out some good info please, it’ll help a lot!
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