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AutoSock Direct is giving "Free Shipping" to all Auto Forum Members.

The AutoSock is a newly developed tire cover, aimed at increasing tire-to-road friction when driving cars on icy or snowy roads:

Perfect temporary winter aid for vehicles.
Easy to mount and dismount even in cold and difficult weather.
Comfortable while driving.
Does not cause noise or vibrations.
Lightweight and easy to store.
Reusable and machine washable.
Environmental and recyclable.
No damage to alloy wheels.
Fits almost all passenger cars.
Approved by leading car manufacturers.
Works on all vehicles with low clearance between the tire and the body, as well as with all electronic safety systems (ESP, ABS).

Click Link Below AutoSock- Presented by the Auto Channel:
YouTube - AutoSock - Presented by The Auto Channel

AutoSock Direct
Dealer Accessories Direct, Inc for safer driving in snow


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I actually thought about these but a dedicated set of snow rims/tires made more sense for me. If I was in need of something to keep with me for just in case times I would've bought them, all the reviews I read were excellent.
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