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Auto to manual

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What’s up guys I was wondering if anyone has extra manual wiring and hardware lying around that I could buy? My auto tranny is a bit messed up although I was still able to drive it to Vegas and back to LA just fine. I’m doing a manual swap I bought a d2A4 shell with 60k miles on it I was also able to get manual cluster gauge, shifter cables with the shifting box no boot, and I picked up a b18 clutch kit with flywheel. (Don’t know if it’ll fit right but from what I read any b series clutch kit will fit right in?) I’m not doing it myself since this is my daily driver and I also read that it would be smarter and worth my money more if I just start investing in the swap. I have a hatchback that has a blown motor that I’m thinking of fixing and then just parking the prelude, selling the few things I picked up for the manual swap and then reinvesting my money on the H swap. The tranny issue is annoying but she’s still drivable. I would fix the hatch so that I can have another daily for when I do have everything together and have to park the prelude and prep for the swap. If I have another daily then I’d start learning how to do the swap myself and invest in tools to get the job done too. My brains all over the place. Thanks for any help in advance🙏🏽 I’m leaning more towards just selling what I’ve picked up so if anyone wants a D2A4 with 60k miles shoot me an offer and we can figure that out. Just the shell though no wiring or hardware.


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