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Was wondering what kind of wheels you have and do they come in gunmetal??
Also do you know how much they weigh roughly?
Finally how much did you pay? With tires?
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hey man.. those are the 5Zigen Inperio S-08. I got them from Toronto, but you can get them much cheaper in Van. They only come in silver and white for the export versions..

the japanese version comes in better offsets and more varity of colors (a dark shiny black as well i believe).. but again.. if you get them from japan, ($$$$) might as well get better wheels...

they are casted wheels, so they do weight some what... 2lbs heavier then the stock rims.

but i really don't remember how much they were with tires.. too long ago.

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Hey pkw1 can you get those wheels in 19" and in chrome?
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