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Hey, did u follow a EBP lude from the circle at 118 ave then go to 101 st???? Hehe, u have a nice car man, how much is ur mugen?? Is it a catback and how's the performance???
Nice to see u man.
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Oh was that you? kool... how'd you know it was me? I don't even have white wheels on haha
Thanks for the good comments

ya, I usually look over and smile when i see other ludes.. but i was really in a hurry. Ya, my mugen is a catback.. as for performance wise, like most catback systems, it helps a bit in high end, and takes out a bit in low end.. but it is the MOST good sounding exhaust in the market for the Prelude for sure.

We gota come out for coffee with 98luder and the others sometime k

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Sure sure man
how much is ur catback???
And u are in 4th yr civil rite??
I think we have talked here before!
i think the mugen cat back is something like 1500+cdn, give james a shout!
hey james, how mucg is the mugen catback??
how s it compare to tanabe????
Depends what your looking for in an exhaust. If you just looking for straight performacne only...any reputible brand is good. I'll be getting in a Greddy Evo for a Gen5base next week. I wonder how thing thing sounds? Well,I'll see...oh yea, on a side note. I'll also be getting my digital camera soon. So everyone will be able to see Mpegs of the local cars, sound files and more. Can't wait.


[email protected]
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oh yea for Mugen exhaust cost is 9XXUSshipped, customs/GST is on your side. I can't post prices on here for certain reasons. If you want the price please email me privately.
it's worth the $ man i tell ya... AWESOME sound.

i actually got mine for a much better deal.. back mmm 3 yrs ago... when the Japanese Yen REALLY went down hill... so i paid around $1200CDN or so for it shipped w/ taxes included. But now... the US/CDN exchange rate is so screwy...


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