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You posted back in Feb that "Many of the Spoon headers for BB6 Preludes have cracked. So in my opinion it's either Mugen or stock."
Could you please post some pictures of the faulty manifolds? The reason I ask is because I have just installed one on my car and was wondering if there are any precautions to take or special spots to keep an eye on. If it wouldn't be too much trouble can you give me the email addresses of those unfortunate owners, because I am kind of paranoid now? Thanks
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wow is this really true? i dont remember seeing that thread. whats the thread? I have wanted to get this header for a long time.

Who did you get it from? how much?

David [email protected]

ICQ UIN: 4310950
AOL SN: Poena97
The post came up when I searched for "spoon crack". The header looks so well made it is hard for me to imagin it cracking, but since CDNBB6 is from Canada and has probably seen many preludes with the spoon piece that I am not blowing him off. Anyways, My header came from Billy, but I have talked to James and aj-racing about it before so you should check with them?
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