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ive been tryin to set aside time to put my body kit on and today was the first attempt... i will begin by saying that if i ever have to take the front of my car off again, the work is going to be by a brick wall:chase: . damn those screws under the headlights!!:mad: :mad:
and then i have it looking absolutely perfect except the part that screws to the edge of the fender.... so im trying to hold the dide in while pushing the screw up and one hand slipped and i basically ripped off the hole for the screw:mad: :mad: it will be simple to fix since that corner sticks out anyways, but... :nutty: *[email protected]$%*^%:mad:
i was so close to being done with it.

edit: and just in case you were wondering its like 1/2-3/8 inch off so its not like im bending the crap out of it
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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