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anyone interested in a full oem kit or oem spoiler

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i just bought the black widow bodykit and spoiler for my 5gen prelude. i am wondering who is interested in buy my oem full factory body kit or my oem spoiler(97+). both spoiler and body kit are painted factory red and are both in excelent condition. who ever is interested post up and tell me what u want and give me a offer. ok late
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interested in the kit

how much??
tell me what you're looking for and we'll take it from there

ok first of all were do u live around. secondly u know the kit is painted red right. u must have a red car. u have to give me a offer. i am going to have this post running till next wek. who ever gives me the highest bid but most importantly i will take lower bids if the person lives within a driving distance. ok peace just e-mail me or post up a offer. just give me what u think its worth. i really am just taking offers to see what i can get and what its worth to u guys used.
how do you like the black widow spoiler? did it fit right onto the stock mounting hole? Do you think it would look ok with the oem kit?

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I'm going to leave this visible here so you get more replies though.

AOL IM: Joon525

[email protected]
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