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Anyone have any TRUE experiences with the 5th Gen JRSC???

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I was wondering if anyone has any real/true experiences with the JRSC???
...not some Bs...
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LUDED1, i believe, is supposed to get his car back today with pictures and dyno's. Mines not gonna get installed for another week or so until i straighten things out with my shop.

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Do the install yourself. It doesn't look that bad. Long and tedious, but not that difficult.

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Then again, if you're not comfortable doing it yourself, you're better off leaving it to someone experience with these things, but keep your eye on them......

North Texas Prelude Owners Group
Well, you see that's the thing - the install looks pretty simple and straightforward (relatively speaking), but tedious, as you said, from the instructions provided by JR. Its only a matter if IF something does go wrong, where do i turn? But installing my own supercharger would, of course, make me appreciate soooo much more. Yet, then again, it helps having someone with the technical know-how aid in this process.
I was hoping that someone actually had one in their car, and could give some feedback on the performance, "IRANMAN" I hope that you can get yours in soon so that we can hear how the JRSC really is...

by the way where did you get yours from and how much???
Well what kind of feedback would you expect about the performance? A couple people have been passengers in supercharged preludes and all they can say is how powerful it is. What else could you expect? That another 60-70HP wouldn't be very powerful?

Btw, i got mine from NOPI for 2800. I found out a copule days ago that wholesale's around 2500....
Feedback as in:
-any problems with install...
-or any problems after the Supercharger was installed...
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