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alright... my car is significantly slower now...

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i put the stock exhaust back on and we lost a bolt for it, so it sorta farts.. and now i'm noticing its taking longer for me to pick up speed. like at a point where my car should be doing 60, its only going 50... i know this because i take the same commute every day and this point where i climb straight up a hill highway (no houses or businesses) and i always hit 60 before its time to slow down and take a turn, however my car only got to 50. and also on the freeway on-ramp its much slower... HAS my engine lost power? or will i get it back when i replace that bolt?

97 Nordic Mist Prelude
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wow really?
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by etherealude:
wow really?</font>
talking to yourself again?

I had to put the stock header back on, and i have a greddy pe catback, i noticed a decent loss in power
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Stop talking to yourself!

If you have a leak, yes it will hurt performance, because it slows down the flow.
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never mind, i read that wrong, i thought you went back to stock b/c you lost a bolt on the ya what warren said
Oh, and yes, if you went back to the "stock exhuast" you have lost power!!
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