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almost spoon look a like wheels.

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since geocities wont link i wont bother trying to have the image show up so here is the link

whats u think?
I also saw another wheel, made my Isota or Issota (forgot how its spelled) but it look sorta like an RG but with slit spokes but not at all like the Konig toxins. these were NICE
i'll try to find the pic again.

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damn retarded sh!t you still have to manually change it in the address bar.
you gotta copy paste and then change the WWW to FP.
ah yes that always works too

i dont got one yet and too lazy to go set one up...
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looks like a stock wheel powdercoated white to me.

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The OZ rim is called the Chronos. It's a JDM rim, I believe... if you look through the profiles on you'll find a couple of people have them. I thought they were discontinued.

The Isotta rim looks pretty sweet, does anyone know if they come in 5x114.3?
i still prefer the F1's... those are phat wheels tho
those impreza's have the same lug pattern as us. 5lugs not sure if its 114.3 and in the picture it says 48+ offset which would be perfect...
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