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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by teknoheadz:
I have read that post, and I was wondering about the part where u have to remove the side marker to get to something. I just put on the mugen bumper so now what?</font>
First, look at the "ntpog" website. What I did different was... removed the front passenger wheel. It made the job much easier. I also removed half the bolts and clips that hold the inner fender. That way, the inner fender panel simply falls down, assuming u removed the under splash shields as shown on the ntpog site. By doing this, you will have a good view of the resonator and it will just slide right out w/out bending the fender or any other difficulties whatsoever.

Now, to get at that bolt w/out taking off the sidemarker.. I spent about 15 minutes trying to do so. The head of the bolt is not visible but u can see the bolt threads where it screws into the resonator. You need a box end wrench which i did NOT have.(10mm i think..if u want the exact size, let me know..i'll get it tonight). You can feel your way around the bolt to take it off. W/out the proper wrench, I finally gave up and took off the sidemarker... a set of metric box ends will be my next tool purchase.

On the sound..if u remove the resonator and piping just after the butterfly valve, and leave the vacuum hose connected, the sound difference is mild. I did that at first. If u disconnect the vacuum line (& plug it), u get more air all the time. The growl sound was much more pronounced. I'll be adding a K&N soon..I think it will sound even better.

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