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For those that remember doing the install, does this hose replace the coolant line that runs between the bottom of the throttle body and the intake manifold? I remember the instructions stating something like, "connect... to the throttle body or the fast idle thermo valve, and either the intake manifold or the water outlet neck." If it does replace the coolant line, does that mean the stock breather hose assembly along with the 2 welded connecting pipes are removed from the car completely? Thanks

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yes that is correct, you could also use the stock "welded" pipes but the the other two hoses just hang there (air intake to valve cover) and it just looks "unclean"

for reference i attached a pic. look towards the bottom of the hose clamp closest the TB, and follow the hose the right of the KN breather. thats what it should look like. you can connect the air intake and the valve cover with the other supplied hose or do what i did.

and also if you remove the stock butterfly thingy that goes to the IAC module/resonator the vacuum opening has to be plugged. use a section of the stock IAC module thingy. cut it and connect the two vacuum holes like shown. i found out that AEM's supplied plug is to loose and will fall off.

and here is something you can do to keep the pipe from getting messed up get an old step hose cut it and hose clamp it in place, above the filter.

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