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AC probs. Suggestions??!

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I got a 93 vtec lude.

AC cuts in and out(cold air). These days, it's completely non cold air so I took it in to a shop that specializes in Hondas. The guy said he needs to access special tools that only the dealer srvc depts. have. So he told me to have it check out by the dealer.

According to him, the power is cutting in and out to the AC system. Any help? Know any places that kicks ass in fixing AC?

Thanks in Advance.

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I know exactly Jack **** about AC systems, but do you hear the AC Clutch - does it click on/off repeatedly trying to activate the compressor? If so, you're probably low on Freon. This diagnosis also synchs with the air being warmer or cutting in & out.

Otherwise, make sure the Clutch is working properly and check the relays. You're gonna have to whip out the Service Manual.

If you do have to go to a shop - go somewhere really reliable. You're running the older refridgerant in there and they love to sing about how $$$ it is and burn people to replace components that don't need replacing.

IF you're low on Freon - it's probably because the seals on the compressor are going. If you live somewhere cold and don't run the AC all winter, they can dry out, shrink & get brittle over the years and start to leak. There's a lubricant in the freon to lube the seals... You will notice oily film on the compressor face... You can buy rebuilt or new units - and I bet that Nippondenso makes the compressors for 4th gens. (just a guess - you should check)
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BTW - if you DO hear the clutch clicking on & off repeatedly - stop running the AC. You're gonna burn out the clutch if you keep trying to run it.

Thanks for the advice and expertise. I guess you'd better know your're from AZ.

I left out some info in my initial post. There is some freon in there, as told to me by the shop. And yeah..i heard about that R-?? type freon that is needed in pre-93(or 94)vehicles. Something like $70/lb was what I heard last.

This is probably why I don't hear the AC clutch clicking. I think it might be a relay/electrical problem..damn..i don't have a Helm's manual. Any idea how I can check?

Thanks IXLR8.

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