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Just wondering something. I have a Red 97 lude, auto, with a I/E/H setup and some I.C.E. I want to trade for a 97 that is a pretty ugly gray color... However, is a 5 speed (which was going to cost around a grand to do myself the right way. Also, it's leather (and mine is cloth), and has under 100k miles, while mine has nearly 140k now. The guy owns a local company called "Baggin Shiznit". It's a paid site, somewhat like this, but for lowered trucks. This guys S-10 is bad, but doesn't run right now. He's asking $7,000 o.b.o. for it. So, enough background... My question's this.

How do you think I can get this car. I'm pretty sure he'll trade, but I don't know if he'll trade for another lude. He seems more into looks than speed. I have a remote start/keyless entry/alarm system, and 2 alpine 10's on an alpine 600w amp and an alpine h/u. I'll let the alarm go because I don't want to get it uninstalled, but the system I would rather keep.

Do you think he would trade? And what all would I have to give in. Think I should try to tell him he can trade mine for another S10? Think he would take the 'lude if I gave some cash with it? How much?

Feedback please :)
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