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a lil proof about me and the SS

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I didnt get a chance to write back caue I went to sleep. But I know that yall think that I am full of BS. well if you want check this link out were some of the people were talking about me, oh yea and guess who was in the set with me well you will see his car(Jacques)

So if you can handle the truth check it out.

I still havent ran the 1/4 with my nos but o that site a guy in a rx-7 (upgraded ecu and exaulst) thought I should run low 13.5 but I know that I wont run that fast but I am going to shut up and let you read it. I am not full of BS so check it out
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You get one thread locked so you come back with it again?
well I didnt get to reply to the last one. I think that i should at least be able to reply back.
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