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It was a C-something something series;
i dunno much about bikes.. pulled up next to me
in my 01 Prelude.
And then he started cursing
at me.. **** i don't know why.. He said
something like "freak'n a-hole ridd'n a
jap car in american road..blah blah.."
My best guess is that he was with da local

So, I said "I'll race ya", and smiled
at me. He frawned as if he chewed on a
piece of dried feces.
And he googled up a biggest crap from his
throat and spat right on my windshield.
Well.. he is not the type I wanted to pick a
fight with on that road.. and the timing
wasn't right; it was too dark
And that just wasn't my style.
So, I raised the window and blew coupla
VTEC smoke at him. Just as he wanted to
come off of his seat to destroy my Prelude
with what ever he was carrying (think it
was club.. may be chain; i dunno..),
the light turned Green (thank God)
and I skidded off toward the open road.
He swiftly got back on his moto and chased
me in no time. He was cruising up
right next to me.. and I knew I'd loose to
a bike.
So here's what I did.. I swarved into his
lane as if I was totally drunk!! He braked
so hard he was smok'n all over!! eheh..i
see him in my back mirror fisting at me
(couldn't tell if a finger was up; was too
dark) as i was pull'n away.
He must've freaked out. It was pretty

He started catching up on me again.. and
i see him on my back mirror.. gaining on me.
So. I figure.. eh what a golden opportunity
to give him back what he slashed on my windshield.
So, I turned the wipers on with full leash
of wiper fluid. I'm sure the splatter was
all over him and his bike.
Then.. I braked. Braked as if the
world was comming to a halt.
Kekekekeke.. that guy braked again (smok'n
away), again, giving me his fist on his way
into a ditch to avoid crashing into me.

I don't think he was hurt so I sped away
from the scene, looking at him pulling his
bike up from the ditch on my back mirror..

What a day

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