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B cuz I got it like that.
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Cleaned the hell out of my car today... so went for a drive.
First light I get a compliment from this guy in my neighborhood who drives a WRX... which was cool.. we didnt race....but it felt good that there are still some normal people who drives imports out there.

Get on the highway.. light traffic... this Honda Accord with dual exhaust (stock) thats why I think it was around a 1998, rims, and tint... flys past me... and revs at me... ok so he has an Intake.

I chased after and catch up.. I look over.. though they had tint I see a girl in passngr seat.. and your typical ricer in the drivers seat giving me a "what up dog?" look.

before we could even.. line up.. he takes off again... wtf?

i could only imagine the B.S. he just told that girl in the car.
So I dont even call that a race.

So I chase after again.. we line up at around 50-55.. I look over at him... just as I am about to blow the horn... the prick DOES IT AGAIN... so Im like well F this... down shift twice... and catch him.. just as Im entering Vtec... as Vtec hits.. I look over at the girl in his car and smile the whole way...I take him for atleast a car length and half. He had such an embarrassed look, and she just stared ahead. I was laughing at him the whole way.


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My first real race from a stop was against a 5.0 convertible that was a little built, with my girl along for the ride...he had his girl too.

I was minding my business, thinking I didn't want a piece of a loud-ass 5.0...but we were both going around a corner at the same time and he jumped on the gas before stopping at a red light.

I rolled my window down, asked what he had...exhaust, cam, and something else I didn't understand as his car was so damn loud.

When the light turned green we both dropped, he spun his tires decently whereas I just had axle-hop like a mofo on the sticky pavement....

He pulled ahead until VTEC in first, shift at 8k, VTEC in second, look into mirror and I had pulled at least a car length on him before shutting down.

Either it was an auto, the convertible was too heavy, or he didn't know how to drive becuase I smoked him before we really got started. He was racing too because I could hear his motor roaring the whole way

Fun times, my friends, fun times
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