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This is what I PM'ed Surferdude but anyone who wants her garage kept prelude!

Email her for pictures
because she didn't get around to coming to terms with parting with ol'faithful
in damn good condition

[email protected]

Hey Man,

If your looking for a damn good deal. my girlfriend, Deanna, has a really solid running 94 Prelude Si that she is only selling because she bought a 2003 GS300 My doing
It has been worked on by me whenever I was down there in Fl from
jersey, I replaced the left front axle with a carquest canadian Good one, the right side just started clicking so she bought another car b/c shes a chic and thought it was doomsday, well it wasn't!
i surprised her for new years and went down there and found the noise worrying her was just a bad cv joint so the new right axel is in the trunk waiting to be installed. EVERYTHING WORKS - the cruise is questionable i the think the switch took a ****. Good tires, good ..........
She lives in oldsmar
call her up

P.S. I just realized u both have the same birthday its good karma man
New o2, new plugs, N2U Abs unit, kick ass leather luxury bucket seats my doing f those carboard junk honda **** seats. I installed a hitch anticipating to pull my jetski when i finally get it down there but too bad it's not goanna happen.
Call her up
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