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I have overhauled and replaced a bunch of AC parts and still not working fully. New compressor, ac switch and expansion valve. The evaporator looked terrible. Completed AC job. Got the compressor working but still not cold. It could be that beat up evaporator.

I purchased an evaporator off of eBay for $30. I have a tree smashed 94 prelude's evaporator but the AC thermostat hook up had three wires where and the 93 has only two. On the original 93 there is only a blue and yellow and a blue and red. The new 93 evaporator from ebay has a AC thermostat like the 94 and has 3 wire hook up.

Has anyone every dealt with something like this and got it to work?

Here are some photos of the situation.

1. 93 service manual scans showing what I have in my working 93si to show the two wire set up and thermostat.

2. Here an image of the 94 wiring from tree smashed prelude.

3. The 93 evaporator from eBay hook up.
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