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Hello everyone, I'm kinda new to this but I'm gonna jump right into it.

About 3 weeks ago I bought my second prelude (S) and i knew it had this problem but my idle is fluctuating from about 800 - 3200 with this really annoying high pitch sound that increases as the engine is revved more. The only thing I have tried was took my AC belt off but still nothing changed. But with the idle fluctuating I thought maybe iac or fitv, but cleaned both and nothing changed. Besides it warms up without fluctuating but idles at around 3200.

A friend told me to unplug my tps and see if it stops, and if it does its that. Well I did this and it stopped the idle fluctuating and just idles high. Only thing is it still sounds high pitch.

So is the idle from the tps being bad? And what could the high pitch sound be? Any suggestions appreciated, thanks.

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