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I was wondering if I should get the manual timing belt tensioner or the automatic tensioner for my 90K service?

Other than that question, I will have Honda go by the book for the water pump, timing belt, seals, etc.

I'm a few thousand away, but may have it done earlier.

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TSB on autotensioners

However, while reading other posts on here, I got the hint that the newer autotensioners do not have a problem.

Incidentally, I gathered some information from the searches and what is required for the 90K maintenance. I figured compiling it under this topic will help future searchers. Here's what I found. Maybe we can build to this/modify it, and add it to a FAQ, unless it's there already.

Oil Change, Air filter
Replace Manual Transmission fluid
Replace ATTS fluid (SH model)

Check/Flush Coolant system
Check brakes/fluid (likely time for new pads)
Inspect/adjust valve clearance
inspect/adjust drive belt
Replace timing belt
Replace autotensioner - have Honda reference TSB
Replace Water Pump
Adjust Valves to specifications
change the seals (cam, crank, balancer)
flush brake fluid?
Replace/check spark plugs
replace/check spark plug wires
Check idle
Adjust throttle cable linkage
Clean throttle body
Distributor cap/ distributor rotor?
Fuel Filter?
PCV Valve?
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