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5zigen 5zm?

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I was wondering if anyone had seen these rims on a car. I wanted the TENZO R Shu 4, but of course those are 4 lug rims. The 5ZM cost $1600 with tires and I could get an AEM CAI and DC 4-1 header, or save up for volks TE37.
I was thinking of powdercoating the spokes gunmetal on the 5ZM, leaving the polished lip.
Personally I have no experience with 5Zigen products, or seen these rims in 18" so does someone have any thoughts?
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5 Zigen rims are okay..My sister has the DIV3's and they're light as hell..i think somewhere around 12 pounds each rim.. anyways..I like the 5zms myself..but i went with Racinghart C2 Evos...and it was cheaper too..


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picture and prices

How much do 18" volks weigh?
18" 5zm are 21 pounds a that bad?

I hope those 5ZM look like these rims when I am done...but BIGGER! Muh HaHaHaHa

This car is very nice!!!
Hm...21 pounds a peice? rim/tire combo weighed 37 pounds total. If you're going for looks..who cares..i'm guessin wiht a tire're looking at 41-44 pounds total rim/tire weight.



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pretty nice, is the lip gonna be that bip on the 18's for our cars?
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